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How Many Backlinks Do I Need to Rank?

A question we get often is how many backlinks someone needs to get their site ranking. We love it when people come with a lot of excitement about results, but there’s an opportunity for education here. There’s no such thing as a magic number to get you ranking, even in the context of your own […]

February 2, 2021
Backlinks vs. Features

If you’ve checked out our Premium Link service, you’ve probably noticed that we have “feature” and “backlink” options available for most of our website offerings. This has been a source of confusion for some, so we wanted to clear it up for you in our blog. The simple answer is that a backlink is usually […]

210% Traffic Increase in 1 Quarter for an Ecommerce Client

Traffic is king. Domain authority, link volume, page authority, trust flow…there are dozens of different ranking factors and buzzwords in the SEO world, but the reality is this: none of it matters if you’re not getting traffic. When we launch a link building campaign, we’re not chasing vanity metrics. We’re looking at what your site […]

Site Penalties and Bad Backlinks:

What they are, how to avoid them, and how to fix them. The dreaded Google site penalty. Thousands upon thousands of sitemasters have relied on organic traffic for their success only to realize their search rankings, seemingly out of nowhere, plummeted. But how do these penalties work, and what do backlinks have to do with […]

Invalley Case Study: The Power of 1 Link & 2 Weeks

The most common question we get asked is “Can you show us your results, and promise the same for me?” It’s understandable, the SEO space is noisy and filled with black-hat, gray-hat, and generally worthless services from freelancers looking to make a quick buck. This is one of the biggest reasons why we offer review […]

Brand Backlinks: Build Trust & DA the White-Hat Way

Great SEO practices should help you rank better in SERPs and give potential customers valuable information at the same time. Brand links achieve both while helping your company’s name gain recognition online. The way we handle brand links at Invalley is simple. We build pages with your company’s information on many high DA websites around […]

How To Utilize Powerful Q&A Links For Link Building

This month, we want to fill you in on one of our most popular and effective link building strategies — Q&A Links. The reason Q&A Links are so effective is that they’re not just about building backlinks, they’re about building a brand. A well-placed, well-researched Q&A Link lets you connect with your customers, drive real referral traffic to your website, and bags you highly relevant backlinks in the process.

How We Helped A Fortune 500 Company

Gannett Company Inc. is a Fortune 500 media company, founded in 1923. With an annual revenue of 5 billion dollars, the company is currently one of the largest US newspaper publishers. One of the household names in their portfolio that you will undoubtedly recognize is USA Today.